Attention:  Health Conscious Individuals and People Who are Concerned about What’s Really in Your Food

“Do You Really Trust What’s In That Box Or Can Of Food You’re Buying?”

[Isn’t It Finally Time For You To Get the Facts about Food Labels so You Can Make the Right Decisions for Yourself and Your Family?]

There Have to Be Some Simple, Clear Answers…

There Are – And I Will Share Them With You!

I’m Cheryl A Major, and I have been working on improving my own health and well being for years now. In the past 5 ½ years, I have made an amazing discovery that has change my life, and I know it can change yours, too! What I discovered allowed me to leave decades of struggling with depression behind… and I lost 20 pounds without dieting! Sound too good to be true? I don’t blame you, but it’s true!

I soon discovered that most people thought this was hard work, and I set about to learn as much as I could during my every waking hour. One part of being an online educator about food and wellness was glaringly obvious to me immediately…I was going to have to learn how to quickly and easily adapt and share the food choices I made (no matter where I was). I had to do that to create a healthier diet others could easily follow in order to gain both credibility and visibility in my field… the same diet that had consistently supported my recovery from depression and the loss of 20 pounds!

Now I am able to eat delicious food, I don’t need to take antidepressants anymore and I can keep my weight stable. I do this on a daily basis and also while I’m on vacation. I can still go to parties and gatherings and go out to eat with family and friends. This is all thanks to the knowledge I’ve learned and the recipes and menus I’ve created; dishes you can make quickly and easily. Now I’ve refined and streamlined this process so you can do this as well. In fact, those who know me on the internet have referred to me as someone who keeps eating simple and delicious, and I take that as a great compliment!

One of the major changes I made was to learn as much as I could about how to read a food label so I know what’s really in that box or bag of food and whether it might have a negative effect on my health, both mental and physical!

Now I want to teach you what I’ve learned so you too have the chance to experience life changing improvements!


What’s in a Food Label!

A 2 Module Live Workshop Training To Turn You Into A Smarter, More Resourceful Eater.  To Turn You Into Someone Making Choices that Support Your Improved Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing!

“What’s in a Food Label” Will Teach You

  • Where to look for the truth
  • What you can and cannot trust
  • What sleight of hand in food labeling can hurt you
  • How to quickly read a food label and make an informed decision about that food


It’s a Short, Intensive, Meaty Course (no pun intended), Because Your Health and Wellbeing are Priceless!

You may have heard it said that “If you have your health, you have everything.” It’s true! No matter what else occurs in your life, having your health makes everything else much easier and much less of a challenge. It’s my goal to help you get from where you are right now to being closer to having optimal health and total well being.

This is Not About Telling You What to Eat and What Not to Eat

It’s about giving you the tools to make your own judgments and your own informed decisions about what to eat and about what may not be in the best interest of your health to eat.  What I want to help you accomplish is to understand what a food label is really telling you so you can make informed decisions about what you choose to eat.

We’ll talk about:

  • What the word “natural” means
  • Is “all natural” food a good choice
  • What is the “bliss point” of sugar and why it matters
  • How do we know what food really tastes like


With This Training, You Will Easily Be Able to Pick up a Package of Food and Understand What You are Buying!

My promise to you is that I will only cover and teach you what is a real benefit, what will serve you long term and what I’ve put into practice in my own life that has transformed my mental and physical well being.

My Motto Is To “Keep It Simple”

Just as I do with my Thin Strong Healthy coaching clients, my goal with this live workshop training is to keep it simple for you. By this, I mean that you will only be exposed to what you need and what is working for me and for other successful people.  My promise to you is that I will not waste any of your precious, valuable time with training that is not absolutely crucial to your success.  These will be easy guidelines to follow to make smart choices when buying and eating food.

Read What People Say About My Teaching and Coaching…

I’ve learned to have a new relationship with food from my coaching with Cheryl. I’m now confident when I go out that I will make good choices and decisions that will serve my long term health. Cheryl has helped me reframe old views that kept me eating more than I should have. I now understand why I did that. Cheryl has helped me to be freed from the hold food had on me. Now I control food; it no longer controls me. And, the best part…I’m losing weight – slowly and consistently which I now know is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. No more fad diets for me! -Connie Green

After a stroke gave me some physical challenges, I found Cheryl and took her coaching to heart. Now, instead of eating everything in sight, I make smart choices. For instance, I have oatmeal with almond milk for breakfast instead of the bacon and eggs with pastry I used to have. I know that one simple change was a real breakthrough and a step in the right direction, because Cheryl was so happy to hear I had done that. She helps you celebrate your simple victories and urges you on to make changes in your diet so you can achieve the level of change that she made in her life. Cheryl is in your corner cheering you on! Eat happy and healthy! -Alison Guess

As her editor, I read Cheryl A. Major’s weekly column and have learned enough about healthful eating and living to orchestrate some key changes in my diet. Last winter I had gained 8 pounds from a lifestyle of sitting and eating at too many social gatherings. I curtailed those activities, developed a Yoga routine, and added raw almonds, more vegetables and wild salmon to my diet. My hair turned silkier, my nails grew stronger, and the weight came off. I’ve sent links of Cheryl’s column to my closest girlfriends and suggested they follow her advice. -Joyce Pellino Crane

Because I’ve been doing this full time and have improved my personal well-being and that of others for years now, I feel uniquely qualified to help you move forward in the right way. Your success in experiencing “What’s in a Food Label” is my greatest reward!

You’ll Develop New Confidence in Assessing What’s in a Package of Food so You Have a Blue Print to Follow

This will be a hands-on workshop, and whether you’re with us for the live sessions or watching the webinar replay at a later time, you will actually start learning, creating, and putting together your own life-changing eating breakthroughs throughout each session.

So, just how productive and successful have I been when it comes to creating my own healthy eating program and the healthy eating programs of others? Well, since 2012 I have:

  • Enjoyed victory over decades of my own personal struggle with chronic depression – (in my world, that’s enough!). I credit knowing what is in my food as a great part of this victory!
  • Lost 20 pounds without trying to lose weight
  • Helped clients improve their eating regimens
  • Helped a client back-off from being pre-diabetic (he doesn’t even have to test his sugar anymore!)
  • Taught a client how to eat to lower overall cholesterol, including increasing the HDL (“good” cholesterol) and lowering the LDL (“bad” cholesterol)
  • Started writing and producing a TV show about what I’ve learned to share with others: Thin Strong Healthy on WestfordCAT
  • Become a weekly health and wellness writer for an online news website
  • Created countless posts and articles at
  • I’ve just published my new book, “Eat Your Blues Away”, which shares the story of my recovery from chronic depression by learning to read food labels and by changing what I eat

I am asked all the time, with the obesity epidemic in our country, whether the window of opportunity has closed for being healthier, and if it’s just too hard or too expensive to eat well. This is my take on that…

The Reality… Eating a better diet will help keep you out of the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on good food than on doctor’s visits and prescription medications?

The Problem…You believe that eating well takes tons of time, is a chore, and is expensive. You feel defeated before you begin! Who wants to face an eating plan that is difficult, expensive and time consuming?

The Solution…”What’s in a Food Label” will turn you into a smart, more creative eater. I’ll teach you how to read labels so you choose foods that support you in improving diet, mood and weight loss challenges. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars to solve these issues.

From Eating to Transformational Eating

During the “What’s in a Food Label” workshop, you’ll learn how to dissect a food label and where to find the real facts or if there are any real facts. Your newfound knowledge will translate into:

  • What part of the label is just for advertising
  • Where you can look for the truth
  • Is there truth in the part that is supposed to tell the “truth”?
  • Where do I look to double check “the truth”?
  • What about portion sizes
  • How to Read Food Labels so You Know What You’ll be Eating

This “How to Read a Food Label” really works! When you learn the basics and put about a third of what you know into place, the rest of your eating smarts will come together with very little effort. I may be slightly oversimplifying here, but my motto to “Keep It Simple” truly is the path to great success for you as a healthier, happier person. And failing forward more than half of the time is okay. I’m living proof that you can regularly fail, keep trying and eventually crack the code to healthier eating, losing depression and excess weight, having more energy and just plain feeling great every day!  Understanding what’s really in your food is a critical first step!!

If You’ve Always Wanted To Take Control Of Your Weight, Your Mood And Your Health In General, This Is Your Chance To Do Just That By Learning How to Read a Food Label.

Then You Will Be In The Position To Make Informed Decisions About What You Eat

Let me assure you, I won’t be wagging my “teacher finger” at you and telling you not to eat certain things.  What I will do is help you understand what is in your best interest to avoid and how to figure out what’s really in a package of food so you can make your own informed decisions about what to eat.

If any of this resonates with you, then “What’s In A Food Label” is the quick and easy way to crash-course learn how to navigate and understand the deceptive world of food labeling.

This is information the food companies don’t want you to have!

Helping others is rewarding and satisfying, and I want to help you as you change the way you eat and feel by addressing the affects gluten may be having on your healthy and wellbeing…both mental and physical. Imagine the feeling of being able to transform your health…feeling better mentally and physically simply by understanding what’s really in a package of food!

If you haven’t been successful, you’re probably feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I talk to so many people who tell me they believe if they could just figure out how to choose healthier food, they would feel better, be less anxious, less depressed…but it’s so confusing and life is so busy they just don’t have time to figure it all out by themselves.

Well, you’re not by yourself in this program!

I have great news:

Relief is just a couple of weeks away…

“What’s In A Food Label”

Home Study Course

Two Sessions Have Been Recorded And Added To The Member’s Area

Each Session is a Workshop Unto Itself, Where the Goal is for You to Create a New Way of Eating that Can Change Your Life

You’ll Experience Immediate Gratification During This Process.

The 2 Modules In “What’s In A Food Label” Include…

Module 1 – Some Background Regarding Labeling and the Processed Food Giants

  • What about the late 1990s and the processed food giants?
  • What does the front of the package tell us?
  • What if a package says it’s “all natural”?
  • What if a package says “zero sugar”?
  • Is food labelled “organic” safe to buy?
  • Is food labelled “gluten free” always good choice
  • The package says “no trans fats” or “zero trans fats”

Module 2 – How to Decode the Back of the Package – What Does it Really Tell Us?

  • Where do I look on the package to get the truth
  • Reading labels on packages. What to watch for.
  • What about “zero” on packages
  • What about sugar and high fructose corn syrup
  • What about anything ending in “ose”
  • What about the different kinds of fats
  • Talk to me about serving sizes

BONUS – To Be Completed Within Three Months of Joining…

  • A thirty minute call with me to discuss your questions and challenges regarding label reading and any specific details of foods you eat that you want to better understand.


“What’s In A Food Label” Home Study Registration Is Now Open…Join Today For This Workshop And Be Included in the Live Session I Will Have in January!

You Have to Understand How Powerful You Are, and How Completely You Can Change Your Mental and Physical Health By Changing How You Eat. It’s Hard Unless You Have Someone Who Has Done It to Show You the Way.

I Am That Someone!

Please Join Me for

“What’s In a Food Label!”

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

P.S. This is the first time I am offering this “What’s in a Food Label” workshop. Please join now, and you’ll be included in all future sessions over the next two years at no additional cost.


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